Who are our Members?

Our membership is a varied and impressive array of high profile companies and brands covering the whole spectrum of industry sectors: sports, footwear, fashion, merchandising, fragrances, pharmaceuticals, automobiles, and the electronics and mobile phone industry, alongside many other companies and associations.

Why become a member?

Many companies (rights holders, licensees and exclusive distributors) are suffering at the hand of the counterfeit trade. Your React membership will help you fight back against this illegal competition, helping you to develop an effective and efficient anti-counterfeiting strategy. As a non-for-profit organization prices are kept low with the sole aim of stopping counterfeit trade.

Membership also provides you with a readymade network of Trade Mark owners, enforcement authorities and legal service providers, allowing for knowledge and experiences to be shared.

What do you get as a member?

Membership of React includes:

  • Fixed fees for legal services – price arrangements are made with law firms in our network, guaranteeing low prices;
  • A single point of contact for all Countries and enquiries
  • Access to the React portal, where Members: 
    - are able to view all cases that we carry out on your behalf
    - can view their Customs applications
    - are invited and can subscribe to React seminars and events

Who can become a Member?

We accept applications for membership from any company suffering or likely to suffer in the future from counterfeiters. Membership of React requires enforceable rights; Members’ intellectual property must be appropriately registered and protected. To maintain its position as a neutral and objective body, React has a certain discretionary power to take up actions which are in accordance with its statutes.

What does a Membership cost?

National Membership: fixed annual fee € 1.700 (DRAFT 2017)
International Membership: fixed annual fee € 3.100 (DRAFT 2017)

Customs recordal is included in this Membership fee in many React locations. 
Please check with React HQ or our local office for accurate fees.